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At The Law Office of Raymond L. Asher, Ltd, we understand the impact that a workplace injury can have on your life. We know how to accurately assess and effectively pursue workers’ compensation cases.

We Represent Injured Workers Throughout Chicagoland And Downstate Illinois

Assertive Attorneys For Workers’ Compensation Claims

Getting injured on the job can leave you out of work for months, and in severe cases, unable to return to your previous position. At The Law Office of Raymond L. Asher, Ltd, we represent injured workers in all types of workers’ compensation matters. We have a comprehensive understating of the law and are skilled at securing favorable outcomes in negotiation and claim proceedings.

Whether you fell off a construction ladder, suffered repetitive stress injuries through remote work or were injured by falling objects at work, we will thoroughly analyze your case and develop a detailed strategy to get you the benefits you are entitled to.

We Are Dedicated To Helping Injured Workers Recover

We Know How Employers Approach Workers’ Comp Cases

Attorney Raymond L. Asher previously defended large corporations facing workers’ compensation legal issues. This experience gives him a unique perspective when representing injured workers. We strive to level the playing field by giving claimants the benefit of our experience. We are aggressive litigators and we zealously fight on your behalf.

We have a long track record of successfully resolving workers’ compensation issues. Our attorneys are very knowledgeable about orthopedic medicine and the kinds of medical care certain on-the-job injuries require. We prioritize your well-being and always aim to help you get compassionate treatment from extremely qualified physicians.

We Hold Liable Parties Responsible

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