Experienced Chicago Attorneys Fight for the Rights of Injured Employees

Responsive Illinois lawyers handle a wide variety of workers’ compensation matters

Getting injured on the job can leave you out of work for months, and in severe cases, unable to return to your previous position. At The Law Office of Raymond L. Asher, Ltd In Chicago, we represent injured workers throughout Chicagoland and Downstate Illinois in all types of workers’ compensation matters and know how to accurately assess and effectively pursue these cases. With 75 years of combined legal experience, we have a comprehensive understanding of the law and are skilled at securing favorable outcomes in negotiation and claim proceedings. Whether you fell off a construction ladder, were exposed to toxic chemicals or developed carpal tunnel syndrome, we will thoroughly analyze your case and develop a detailed strategy to get you the benefits you are entitled to.

Dedicated counselors help clients navigate complex legal processes

Injured workers are at a distinct disadvantage if they do not have an experienced attorney on their side, and we strive to level the playing field by giving claimants the benefit of:

  • Highly rated attorneys — Our attorneys have earned AV Preeminent® Peer Review Ratings by Martindale-Hubbell® for high ethical standards and professional abilities based on reviews from fellow attorneys familiar with their work.
  • Aggressive litigators — Being proactive is key to obtaining the financial, medical and rehabilitative support your injury requires, and we zealously fight to obtain the compensation you need to recover and move forward.
  • Individualized representation — Clients who are informed and involved make better choices about how to proceed, and we work to ensure every client is continually updated through each stage of their case.

We have a long track record of successfully resolving workers’ compensation issues. Our firm is very knowledgeable about orthopedic medicine and the kinds of medical care certain on-the-job injuries require. We prioritize your well-being and always aim to help you get compassionate treatment from extremely qualified physicians. 

Knowledgeable advocates provide strong and capable representation to Chicagoland and Downstate Illinois residents

The physical and emotional toll of a serious injury can be overwhelming, and we work to alleviate your stress by delivering attentive and aggressive representation in all types of workers’ compensation matters, including those involving:

  • Industrial injuries — Industrial sites are inherently dangerous, and figuring out the appropriate compensation when industrial injuries occur can be difficult. We are highly skilled at accurately determining the value of these claims and will carefully assess your situation.
  • Repetitive stress injuries — In today’s work environment, many employees are at high risk for repetitive stress injuries such as carpal tunnel. Employers and workers’ compensation carriers often are quick to reject the validity of these claims, but we know how to gather and present the evidence needed to establish your right to compensation.

Regardless of how complicated your case may be, we can provide forceful and decisive legal action and will not rest until your case is resolved.

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At The Law Office of Raymond L. Asher, Ltd, we understand the obstacles injured workers face and represent clients throughout Chicagoland and Downstate Illinois in a diverse range of workers’ compensation issues. Please call 312-322-0001 or contact us online today to schedule a free consultation. Our office is in Chicago.



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